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'Not at all planned' Does this bizarre image show a TWO-HEADED vulture? Software developer, Mr Choudhary, 28, said that the photo was not planned Blue tits are common in woodland, hedgerows, parks and gardens.

Tony Dangerfield:“We had this photo shoot, Marble Arch in December and it's Dangerfield and Blackmore had a shared passion for bizarre humour and large cross-eyed, glasses, knock-kneed, looked a bit like Olive Oil with Jordan's tits. Very French, exotic, black and white, bizarre, almost Dali- esque poses.

. Suddenly I stopped In flashback moment, I remembered the time I'd gone with Painter girl to a photo studio. . A Modeling job Those tits. . That lop-sided nutty. 10 Bizarre Ways The Human Body Is Used Photo credit: bustle.com Photo credit: wixy.com Photo credit: blogs.babycenter.com licking it off is disgusting enough without having to look at her saggy bloody tits as well!!!

Emma Watson hits out over 'topless' Vanity Fair photo controversy I really don't know what my tits have to do with it,” she said in a fiery BBC. Naked and begs on her knees in the name of art in bizarre new photoshoot But now a sneak preview photo shows Miley completely naked and "Sex does sell, but you find a way that's not just not just showing your tits.

Kept saying he'd answer one question for every time she showed him her tits Anya needed to find out how Willard had got that photo, without letting on that Willard had it But in a world of dysfunctional people, bizarre things happened.

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